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The electronic music offered here was created using various synthesizers, mostly analog. You can listen to different collections of ambient and sequencer music and determine your favorites (or not). Also I've been able to dust off some old midi tracks from the nineties. These Harmonic Times tracks are more classically inspired.

My approach is always to narrow down all possibilities and try to get close to essential sounds, which is a challenge when making electronic music! My inspiration comes from the German electronic wave of the 1970s, especially Tangerine Dream, and Klaus Schulze (and a lot of other music). Most tracks are also produced as YouTube tracks, with nice visualisations added from the toolbox of the free video editor of VSDC.

I hope you enjoy it, and drop me line at if you have any questions.

P.S. For the persistent enthusiasts I have more music available on this page!

Thanks, Paul.


Sequences of Chance,
inspired by the I Ching.


Sequences 84,
using 84 BPM as theme.


Harmonic Times,
reanimated from the 90s.

Lost Symphony

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